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The RF safety issues presented by rooftops with wireless antennas, towers with FM radio and TV antennas, semiconductor production facilities, heat sealers, satellite communications, construction sites located near AM radio stations, and complex military radar facilities are all very different. RF Safety Solutions will properly address your situation.

RF Safety Solutions provides honest, easy-to-understand solutions. A simple call to Richard Strickland will help you gain an understanding of your situation. There is no cost for this type of advice. The solution might be as simple as an easy-to-read letter documenting his advice. If a simple analysis and short letter report is needed, that report is written for you and is specific to your situation—it is not a form letter with fill-in-the-blank answers.

A simple letter report is often enough to satisfy your needs. Why pay for an expensive RF survey and report when a simple analysis and letter report can prove beyond any doubt that your site falls within federal RF safety guidelines? If you need more than that, Richard will give you options. The goal is to provide all the answers that you need at the lowest cost.

The RF Safety LiveCast™ courses taught by Richard Strickland are an extremely effective way to train people in a way that is similar to on-site training but at a fraction of the cost. If you have personnel in more than one location, they can all be taught at the same time. And when you have an industry-recognized expert teaching a course that engages students and gets them to interact with both the instructor and each other, they learn. But if you need something hands-on, such as you would need to learn how to make measurements, or would like an educational and entertaining instructor at a meeting, Richard can provide what few others can.



Worried about antennas on your building’s roof? Concerned about the effects of a nearby AM radio station? Need to ensure the safety of employees and contractors working on your own site? RF Safety Solutions is your solution for each of these problems and more.

RF Safety Solutions is a safety management and scientific consulting firm focused on radio frequency (RF) safety. Whether your main concern is personnel safety, regulatory compliance, or reduction of liability and risk, RF Safety Solutions can help you. RF Safety Solutions has experience and knowledge that goes far beyond the wireless industry. The standards and regulations can be confusing—we can help you make sense of them and make sure you’re safe and compliant.

How Do We Assess Your Site?
RF environments may sometimes be assessed simply through a review of site photographs and a modest amount of information about the antennas on site. In those cases, as little as 3 to 6 hours work will give you all the answers you need.

A simple letter report featuring computer modeling, which provides colored diagrams showing field strengths, is the next step up. This is often more than adequate for many sites.

When required, onsite measurements are used to generate a comprehensive, yet easily-understood, report featuring an executive summary and the site-specific details of the personnel safety and regulatory issues involved.

How Do We Keep Your Employees Safe?
Once the environment has been assessed, it is important to consider your employees and their work environment. RF Safety Solutions can train your personnel, either on site or live via the Internet using the technique pioneered for the industry in 2004—RF Safety LiveCast™. This approach is extremely cost-effective. Customers can be located anywhere in the world or even at multiple locations and trained simultaneously. Training is designed to fit the customer and the work environment.

RF Safety Solutions can also help you set up an appropriate RF safety program. This can range from a very simple, short document to a corporate-wide safety program like those we have developed for Fortune 500 companies.

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