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Comparison of Training Methods

Although there are many variables, it is still reasonable to make some comparisons between the training methods. One of the major variables to consider is the number of students to be trained. For example, if you are the only student, you would probably not even consider having an instructor travel to your facility and conduct an onsite course. On the other hand, while computer-based training is a good solution for one or two students, CBT is often the most costly solution for a large number of students! The table below provides some comparisons based on the number of students to be trained.


Comparison of RF Safety Training Methods
  Onsite LiveCast™ Computer-Based
Effectiveness Highest Very High Moderate
Multiple-sites No Yes Yes
Students Interact Yes Yes No
Customizable Yes Yes Very Expensive
Cost: <5 students Highest High Lowest
Cost: 5-10 Highest Moderate Moderate
Cost: 10-15 Highest Moderately Low Moderate
Cost: >15 Highest Lowest High


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Our new training Web site has even more information on RF safety training, including course descriptions. We now offer public sessions of our most popular LiveCast courses. If you are the only person that requires training, or you have a group of five or fewer people, these public courses are an ideal solution. Simply click on the RF Safety Training button on the left to find out more or to register online.